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Tatterhood! A Beautiful Rediscovery of Fairy-Tales and Folk-Tales

I just rediscovered this book of tales that my mom used to read to me as a child. It is called “Tatterhood and other Tales”, and is edited by Ethel Johnston Phelps with illustrations by Pamela Baldwin Ford. This is a link where you can find it and check it out for yourself. The coverContinue reading “Tatterhood! A Beautiful Rediscovery of Fairy-Tales and Folk-Tales”

“The Wild Swans”: a Snow White tale

I was able to recently purchase the beautiful fairy-tale book told by Gwyn Jones called Scandinavian Legends and Folk-Tales. I would highly recommend it. I absolutely love the writing style and the collection is wonderful. Today, as I spent a much needed break from schoolwork outside in the grass, I opened the pages to theContinue reading ““The Wild Swans”: a Snow White tale”

“Prince Lindworm”: instructions not followed

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash This is my second post about this wonderful Scandinavian folk-tale, Prince Lindworm. For this post I want to focus on the concept of direction in stories and why it is so hard for fairy-tale characters to follow instructions! In this fairy-tale the Queen is the first character to be given clear instructions.Continue reading ““Prince Lindworm”: instructions not followed”

A Review of Online Sources for Books and Stories

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash Scribd I just found this site recently. It basically has an ALMOST unlimited amount of novels, magazines, audiobooks, textbooks, etc…. It has exceeded my expectations! The only down-side is that you can’t download or add the books to your kindle; basically you have to read everything on the web. The first monthContinue reading “A Review of Online Sources for Books and Stories”

“Prince Lindworm”: where to find the Gwyn Jones version

I found a place to get the Gwyn Jones retold version of Prince Lindworm! The compilation of tales is called Scandinavian Legends and Folk-Tales. I was hoping to find a free version online, but this is second best. It looks like a wonderful book that has a plethora of tales told in Gwyn Jones’ humorousContinue reading ““Prince Lindworm”: where to find the Gwyn Jones version”

Poetry Corner: The Avoided Destiny

Photo by Andalucía Andaluía on Unsplash The Avoided Destiny By Katarina Spaic Feeling wild, Uncontrollable, Unable to stop and think for one second, I’m on to the next. Not even sure why, Except I didn’t belong there. Searching, Always, For something that Has not presented itself yet. I have accomplished nothing, And it makes me feel useless. SandContinue reading “Poetry Corner: The Avoided Destiny”

“Catherine and Her Destiny”: the harmful nature of avoidance and the unappreciated gift

Link to the Pink Fairy Tale Book (which has the fairy-tale Catherine and Her Destiny) on Scribd. You will need a subscription to view the chapter with Catherine and Her Destiny. I would highly recommend getting one! You can sign up for a month free during COVID time and after that it will only beContinue reading ““Catherine and Her Destiny”: the harmful nature of avoidance and the unappreciated gift”

“The Goose Girl”: a time for recuperation

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash Today I realized that I hadn’t shampooed my hair in a week! Interestingly enough, this social distancing lockdown we’re going through might have repercussions in social areas, but for my hair it’s been great. I have naturally not been washing it as often because I’m not going anywhere physically, and inContinue reading ““The Goose Girl”: a time for recuperation”

Photo by Brittani Burns on Unsplash

Poetry Corner: Memories of a Puella

** See “Peter Pan” Blog Post ** Memories By Katarina Spaic One lone firefly, In my loosely closed fist. I uncurl my fingers slightly, And then watch it fly away, free My eyes follow it, Like only a child’s can, With absolute wonderment, And absorption in that one, tiny firefly. It is a memory,Continue reading “Poetry Corner: Memories of a Puella”

“Peter Pan”: the conflict between childhood and growing up

By Katarina Spaic I recently watched the 2003 film “Peter Pan”, and was reminded of what a great story it is. J. M. Barrie really touched many souls with his playwright and novel. It’s no surprise he did, because he wrote of something that everyone can relate to when they reach a certain age; the processContinue reading ““Peter Pan”: the conflict between childhood and growing up”

Poetry Corner: Redemption of The Evil Queen

See “Little Snow White: reflections” blog post! Redemption of the Evil Queen By Katarina Spaic My mirror is a twisted fate.A beautiful work of art,Yet uncontrollable and overflowing with grotesque potential. I reach my hand out and caress it.I think it is my friend,But I’m not sure. It’s a reflective illusion that tells the truth,OfContinue reading “Poetry Corner: Redemption of The Evil Queen”

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